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What is the Mountain Gratitude Dinner?

The Mountain Gratitude Dinner is an Open Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and welcomes all who wish to join us and share in our joy of recovery from alcoholism.
History or the MGD
A few 24 hours ago AA members in our area wanted to come up with a way to enjoy the Fellowship of AA that bonds us so closely together. They decided to have a dinner, invite a speaker and have some fun!
Since then every year on the first Saturday in November almost 300 sober alcoholics, their families and friends  from groups around the area have got together to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, a lot of homemade deserts, old friends and new ones,  a great AA speaker and celebrate what we have done together... that we could never have done alone.
To help offset the costs of the event, tickets are sold beginning late September Early October to help pay for the food, facility and decorations.  You can purchase your tickets online HERE or from any of local area groups when they become available. To find meetings see our "Important Links" tab.

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“We commenced to make many fast friends and a fellowship has grown up among us of which is a wonderful thing to feel a part."

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